SOLD: Happ-modded Street Fighter Anniversary Stick (PS2/Xbox)


Street Fighter Anniversary Stick PS2/Xbox w/Happ Parts!

If you were at Season’s Beatings last year, you might have seen this stick. Since I have a TE stick and am currently focused on SFIV, I no longer have a real need for it.

Good luck and happy bidding SRK!

PS: I take no credit for any modifications to the stick.


Hey bro, does it have a plastic cover on the bottom? The part for the controller storage?


Yes it does sir. Took me a minute to find it, but it’s there.


Do you know what color the PCB is (yellow or green) and what voltage it uses? I am inquiring as I am interested in purchasing this for a friend, and would like to know what PS2/PS3 adapter I will need.


Do you have any bigger pictures?


Here’s a bigger picture of the stick. I’ll have pictures of the insides tomorrow.


Here’s the guts of the stick. This is the last day for bidding.


Is that a Happ Ultimate?


I believe it’s a Comp, not sure why anyone would want to settle for an Ultimate for their home stick.


Oh I prefer the comp. The diameter of the shaft looks too skinny to be a comp and the actuator looks bigger. Might be a funny angle on the pic. I’m interested but would hate to have to replace the stick.


Maybe this will help. It would be a bummer knowing that I played on an Ultimate this whole time, it’s hard for me to discern the differences between Ultimate and Competition visually. I assumed it was a comp when I bought it off of BobSmack, I guess it looked so nice I didn’t bother asking many questions…


Stick has been sold, will ship this bad boy out tomorrow.