SOLD : Hori Real Arcade Pro EX Sanwa Mod


Up for sale, Hori Real Arcade Pro EX with 8 Sanwa Black/Dark Hai buttons.
Stick comes with original box/headset and works perfectly. **Looking for $220 or BO **shipped USA . Willing to consider trade for sanwa parts (example: 10 JLF sticks). Selling because I’m getting into custom stick building.


Does $220 include shipping? What methods of payment do you accept?


Yes shipping is included. PayPal or whatever you want.


good luck, i like the dark hai on the all black


Interested, and PM’d




pm’d aswell!


Replied to all PM’s.


Just wanted to come in here and say that I bought a stick from SteveTren earlier this week, he had it in the mail the next morning, this was the first time I ever bought something off a forum and I was pretty impressed by that.


Stick is Sold…