SOLD - Hori Upscan Converter 2 for PS2 - pics added

For sale is a Hori Upscan Converter 2 for Playstation 2. Comes complete with vga cable, usb power cable, and audio cables. Also with the adapter cable to the original XBOX.

Selling this for $100 Shipped or OBO. Please make reasonable offers.

Ship in US only.

No holds for this item.

Paypal only please.

PM if your interested. Thanks for looking fellas.


Pics please.

pics added

im interested, how much more to ship to the UK?

DH020 - Pm was sent to you

how well does this display on a VGA monitor? I’m interested.


works well with non high end monitors.

Was this ever proven to be lag-free? If it’s completely lag-free, I’ll probably take it. Does it work with progressive scan?

pending for albert c at the moment.

Gone to Albert C

Thing works pretty good on my tri-sync arcade monitor :slight_smile: