SOLD - Hori VLX Diamond & OG PS3 w/Brook UFB + Touch Pad


I have a mint condition Hori VLX Diamond for sale. Comes with Box and all original accessories except foam side packaging. Asking $OLD plus ship and fees. Pickup in San Jose, CA.

Also have a OG red PS3 VLX with Touch Pad panel and Brook UFB so it works with all modern consoles, Compatible with Xbox One / Xbox 360 / PS4 / PS3 / PC / Wii U / Switch. I made a special harness so that it connects without any modification to the original wires. leds are also wired up. ultimate og vewlix imo. excellent condition. Asking $OLD plus ship and fees. Pickup in San Jose, CA.


Very nice sale you have, I have a question, where did you get the touchpad part that you put in the front of the OG VLX? I bought a Brook Touchpad board but never found the actual plastic touchpad that goes above it.


Basically the OG red vlx you see above is newer kuro ps4 vlx body( comes stock with touchpad ) but OP installed OG red top plate and OG white sides on to it.


I pulled and swapped the back panel from the black Ps4 vlx


both sold to @electricgrave hope you enjoy and put them to use!