SOLD: HRAP 2 (Fully Modded)

I’m selling a fully modded HRAP 2. The stick is in pristine condition and has no damage or scratches at all. It is sold complete including the original box/cardboard.

It has the stock PCB for PS2, a Semitsu LS-32-01 w/Bat top, 6 Sanwa OBSF-30 snap-in buttons (2 buttons plugs for L1/L2) as well as 2 sanwa 24mm buttons for start and select.

Stick is SOLD

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I have an extra pink Sanwa ball top that I’ll toss in if the bat isn’t your cup of tea.

Thanks and Good Luck.

PM sent.

Bumpin 'er up.

Hmm…have you used this stick with the pc if so whats the input delay like?

I don’t personally play anything on PCs, but I haven’t heard anything about input delay from a stick stand point. The delay is more related to the converter I believe.

I’m so tempted to buy this.

i always wanted one of the horis. but unfortunately i already have 3 sticks. =(.

good luck! someone will definitely buy that.

HRAP 2 is SOLD. Mods please close this, Thanks.