[SOLD] HRAP2 SA w/ Adaptor

Hi, I want to sell:

Mint unopened HRAP2 SA with your choice of either a REAL or inpin ps3 / ps2 adaptor. Both are considered lagless. Neither have been opened or used. SOLD

I am located in Vancouver, BC Canada. I’d prefer a local pickup but I am willing to ship to Canada and USA.

I accept paypal as payment. If you are using debit or credit card with paypal to pay, PLEASE let me know before hand as I only have a personal account. I will have to upgrade my account before you pay :smiley:

I am also up for offers.


Would you be interested in any kind of trade offer?..because Im looking to exhange my HRAP3(Sanwa buttons) for an HRAP2…

Hi Strikeshell,
At this moment, I am just in the market for selling my sticks


Price Drop :smiley:

I am very tempted by this. I just bought a PS3 Slim and I’m looking for a stick to accompany… I’m not sure I can justify another $170 purchase though. I’m not going to send an offer or PM, but I will be watching this thread to see how things go.

also, Pics?

Let me know how that ps3 slim works when you get it:)

and pics would be nice

what kind of pics do you guys want? the picture of the box?

box and stick

the stick is unopened and has never been used. asking him to rip open a brand new box just to take a picture of the stick inside would suck.

moocus, I think that phrase you quoted applies to shijui’s converters, not the Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 SA he’s selling. Otherwise, he probably wouldn’t have put “mint” as its descriptor. Anyways, good luck with the sale shijui! I love Hori’s RAPs; seriously think they’re the best arcade sticks ever made.

The HRAP2SA is unopened as well. I can take pics of the convertors and box if thats what people want

that would help your sale :slight_smile:

Here it is:

I’m really interested. Will buy it for sure if I can get my HRAP EX sold before someone swoops in and takes this deal.

PM sent