SOLD: Kuradoberi Jam Stick


This is my first offering to SRK. After much effort I present this Kuradoberi Jam stick (Accent Core version). It features a Sony Dualshock1 A-series PCB, Sanwa JLF joystick, Sanwa buttons (4 snap-in, 2 screw-in), and Seimitsu start/select buttons.

The price is set at $180. Shipping is USPS priority and is included in the price assuming you live in the 48 continental U.S. States. International shipping will cost more.

I only accept paypal and will ship the stick once the money is cleared (2-3 business days).

This sale is on a first come first serve basis.
If you are interested please E-mail me at BigPockets at Inbox dot com.
No PMs please.

Thank you,
Jesse “Big Pockets”


Damn, that’s a pretty crazy design. Nice work. :tup:


I don’t have the money to buy this, but it’s a beautiful stick. Is it actually comfortable to play on?


wow thats a really good deal

someone should pick this up right away coughurthcough


The buttons look a bit far away from the stick for me, but yeah that’s a beautiful stick…


Thats such a nice looking stick. Good job


sliiiiiiiiiick design. doesn’t look very practical but sliiiiiiick as hell man. i think i got a chubby :frowning:


doh looks like i forgot about emailing last night and just went out O_O and now im stuck back at work >.< sorry. but i think it was for the better, cuz now that i had time to think about it, i need to be tight on money for a while since i just bought a new car >.< DOH.


Holy cow! This stick is flawless. Perfect finish, original design, perfect color coordination, perfect art, no screws in the top plexi.


This is why I frequent this message board, to behold sticks like this. Big Pockets, I thank you.