Sold! Lock it up!


Up for sale is a Qanba Q4RAF Ice Red arcade stick that works for ps3/x360/PC Clear Red Sanwas with a Hori Hayabusa joystick and a clear red Sanwa Ball top. Comes with original box and all the stuff in the box: headphones, cleaning cloth, button plugs. Kept in very good condition and used very lightly. The cord storage door and the handle are still intact and in perfect condition.

Looking to get $125 shipped to the lower 48. I’ll entertain offers though.


Bump for price drop!


Bump, priced even lower.


PM sent.


@Feargus001100, one day you’ll decide to sell stuff and there I’ll be with wallet in hand. For I am the vulture.


Dude I have a sales thread that nobody touches! For some reason the trading outlet river only flows one way for me WTF!!!

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sell my pile of sticks, just hoping one day to run into an arcade guy who wants to go console, then we can trade places LOL.