SOLD MadCatz SFxT FightStick PRO Red Dual Modded

Hey there everyone, I brought this stick a little under a month ago from a member on these forums, but have decided to pick up the new V.S. so I am now looking to sell it and give it a home.

It is a 360 SFxT pro stick modded with a Toodles Kitty for multiconsole use
And has Qanba holeplugs because nobody likes 8 buttons :stuck_out_tongue:

All other parts are stock (square gate, etc…) and will come with the original box minus the foam inserts.
Will be shipped from NYC with signature confirmation. Asking SOLD, no trades.

I’ll take it

Payment sent

holy shit what a steal

DAMNIT, ibeatu. You’re like a ninja. :frowning: