SOLD: Mayflash Cube Joybox PS1/2 > GC converter $10

I have three of these. Works for using PS2 sticks on Gamecube or Wii consoles. Asking $10 shipped apiece. They are new in package, but I’ll most likely take them out of the packaging to save on shipping. Add $2 apiece if you want them still in the original packaging.

All gone. Thanks for looking, people.

this might sound stupid…but when using a actual ps2 controller do the analog sticks work when using this adapter?cause I wanna prefer using my ps2 controllers over real gamecube controllers and it would suck if I couldn’t use them for other Wii/Gamecube games that need a analog stick like Mario Kart Wii,Super Smash bros brawl etc

sent a pm let me know

Yes, it supports analog function.


payment sent for 2

Gah, guess I’m late, but regardless, sent a PM.

Two down, one to go.

And 0 left.