SOLD: Mayflash Universal PS3/PS2/PC USB Arcade Fighting Stick

For sale, a slightly used Mayflash Universal PS3/PS2/PC USB Arcade Fighting Stick. It is in very good condition and has never been modded. Comes with original box and instructions.

Compatible with PS2, PS3, and PC via USB (has a dual headed cable with PS2 connector and USB)

Supports all types of fighting games (only PS3 games supported when used with a PS3)

Turbo function with different speed settings

Supports button re-mapping and MACRO functions (PC mode)

Compatible with Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP, and Vista (PC mode)
(Has been successfully used with MAME on Windows 7 as well)

Can also be used with GameCube, Wii, and Xbox 360 without modding by using certain adapters made by Mayflash.
(adapters not included)

More information about this stick can be found here

I can provide actual pictures by email upon request. I’m looking to get $35 shipped (within USA only) via PayPal.

Still looking for an offer on this stick. Price dropped.

Another price drop, is no one interested in this stick?

I actually liked the feel and layout of my modded Mayflash. If I had the money to blow on another project, I’d offer to buy this from you. $35/shipped seems quite good, and it’s not really that difficult a platform to work with. Unfortunately, I don’t need another stick. Hope someone jumps on this soon, though!

Still looking for offers.

Question - what’s the layout on the buttons? I see numbers… but is it sq / tri / R1 / L1 and x / cir / R2 / L2

The layout is different than most PS3 sticks.

L1 SQ Tri R1
L2 X Cir R2

So the same as the MadCatz FS3 and the Tekken stick? Like old school HORIs? ok.

Ok, last question: Buttons and stick, in quality compared to HORI buttons / stick and Sanwa.
Depending on what I hear, I’ll ask for your paypal and get that off of you, because I honestly need a PS2 stick. CvS2 addiction man, CvS2… And would you think it’s easy to mod with Sanwa parts eventually? It’s got that Paewang PCB, right?

The stick is ok for casual play, it has a loose feel though, if you are used to a Sanwa JLF then you will probably want to get a stiffer spring installed. The buttons are slightly stiffer than sanwa, but not horrible, again though, if you are so use to sanwa that everything thing else feels like mush then you will deffiantly want to replace the buttons. I believe the internals are identical to the Paewang Revolution (from what I’ve seen on the forum), but I have never cracked this puppy open to see for myself. However the Mayflash PCB doesn’t have Xbox360 support built in since it’s licensed for US sale. The exterior shell definately is the same mold as the Paewang. Modding this sucker, even with just a button replacement, will require soldering, but everything is pretty easy. Here is the thread you will need for modding Paewang Revolution (Mayflash) Modding Tutorial ver. Laugh [Lots of pictures]. It’s a solidly built, hefty case that’s great for mods, which is why I kept it around after getting a TE. If it doesn’t sell by this weekend, I’m probably gutting it and modding the heck out of it just for fun.

PM your ppal information, and I’ll pay you tomorrow.


Hey, I tried contacting you, but SRK wont let me see your profile or our previous conversation. Just wondering if you shipped or not.

Just shipped it out UPS on my way home from work today, I’ll pm the tracking code.

Ok, Shoryuken is spazzing out with an error message and won’t let me start the conversation, I’ll just send it to your PayPal email.