SOLD: MDF Sanwa 6 Button Case


Have a Sanwa 6 button case for sale here for $30 + $10 ship.

The back holes were supposed to be recessed and but I glued it backwards so it’s not recessed. However, the 2 side holes are recessed.

Also, it has a vewlix layout, but I spread the joystick further away from the buttons.

Also has a cord notch in the back.

Lastly, the bottom left corner on the plexi side is slightly raised aboved the side about 1/64 of an inch. I think it will even out with a good painting however.

Contact me if interested!


i really like your case style. do you think you can make me one out of real wood with only 3 holes for start, back and home? let me know how much.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be stocking real wood anymore. Of course I can order some wood from woodcraft if you’d like. I can make one stick from the wood I get there. I think other builders make similar style cases to this, so I think if you ask them, they’ll be glad to make you, and make it faster than I can since I’m not home ATM.

And also, the case listed here has been sold.