SOLD: Modded Hori Tekken5 and Fighting VX


I want to sell these two sticks fast so I am letting each go at [S]$140 [/S]$120 shipped (within USA)
One is a dual modded hori tekken 5 stick with sanwa parts. Includes box with the collectors cd case (empty)

[SOLD][S]The other is a multi-console modded hori fighting VX with sanwa parts. Includes detachable usb cable for ps3/pc/360 use. I can make addition cables for other systems if requested ($10 each).[/S]



Price drop! $120 shipped each [S]or $200 shipped for both.[/S]


Just sold the Hori Fighting VX.


good, I thought SRK went crazy not wanting to buy a nice stick from you! :sweat:


Sold the T5 stick.