SOLD modded HRAP2

I am selling a modded HRAP2 which was barely used and in excellent condition. Unfortunately, I cannot provide any pics. No trade requests anymore, sorry. As far as the stick, I modded it this way:

  1. took off the turbo switches/tabs
  2. it still has the stock Sanwa joystick with a White balltop and octagon gate (I can switch to square if you like)
  3. I put button plugs on the L1 and L2 holes
  4. 2 x PS-14-D White/Black (start and select)
  5. 6 x PS-14-G White/Black

My asking price is $120 which includes shipping.
I will only ship within the US and the only payment method I except is PAYPAL

So you want to trade a second hand HRAP2 for a brand new HRAP3?

why don’t you just buy a converter? You can get a REAL converter or one of the Korean ones from Laugh. Both have no lag.

on hold for 8bithack

No more trading

bump. I have decided not to do any trade and instead sell the stick.

yo r-chie you still got this?

i could probably meet up with you too to pick it up, let me know.

SOLD. Please close this thread. Thank you.