SOLD! Mods please close. THANKS SRK!

All sold!
ya snooze, ya LOSE!

<strike>ok, lets make this interesting.<br>Im willing to take $15 off for the first one sold.<br>Bringing it down to $45 shipped!<br><i><b>First come, first SERVE!</b></i><br><font size=“4”><br><b>Let the games begin!</b></font></strike><br><br><br><b><font size=“7”>GEAM…OVAH!</font></b><br><br>

Just wondering are those the same as the one that had a red box instead of the circle at the bottom?

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<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/56439/Ashenar">Ashenar</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>Just wondering are those the same as the one that had a red box instead of the circle at the bottom?</div>

I’m not entirely sure what you mean. Are you talking about the Wico P360 attachment kit? aka,<a href=“”> THIS ONE</a>?<br><br><br>If so then yeah, they are / perform the same if thats what you’re wondering. <br>

Also, to avoid confusion since I’ve been getting alot of these in my PM inbox. Other than the deal im currently working out with <span class=“Author”><a href=“” class=“Name”>W00P MstR FresH</a>.<br>The only other thing I am interested in regarding any kind of trade is a MAS style American case.<br></span>

Ahh yes that one very cool going to the arcade owner that wanted one he has the red one and a happ one on the cab and wants another wico stick.

Balltop (4th) Wico Perfect 360 has been sold.<br>And until Woop gets back with me one of the other ones are pretty much spoken for as well so I have 2 left remaining.<br>

Battop (1st) Wico Perfect 360 has been traded.
The 2 in the middle. One Spring, One Rubber Grommet, Is all I have left.

Alright, check this out. I’m about to make peoples heads explode.



Hit me up on Pm
you have 2 left? I’m down to get both of them
This thread actually came about the time I was about to start searching for them

The best part is this guy is legit.

All sold! Thanks guys! you ROCK!

Mods please close.