Sold mods please close


SOLD Mods please close.



where are you located?


how much use on the HRAP EX?

Edit: if the stick hasn’t had that much use I’ll take. it let me know.thx


Located in ABQ ,New Mexico

The JLF feels pretty good but I really don’t know how much use is on it.


If mvcplayer is not interested, i would like the HRAP EX.

Not trying to bump you off or rush you mvcplayer, you are here first so I not going to try to snag it away or anything if you want the Hrap.


That’s messed up man! Jus kiddin’. Free bump, the man has to feed his kid.


interested in your saturn stick. does it still work? everything still intact in there? if so i’ll take it

or if you play WoW, ill trade you a 60 day game card for it =P


Interested in the Saturn stick if Defguhi doesn’t take it.


yea pasteycracker can have it


Aw mayne you da best.

PM sent.


you can go head and i just remembered i got other stuff to pay for first =(


Ill take the hori if it still up. All together 70 right.


Yes the HRAP is still available I wanna ship out today so whoever pm’s me first and can pay fast I’ll ship out to you today.

Jeenyus sorry man don’t wanna ship this to out of states.