Sold! Mods Please Close

Sold! Please close this thread. :tup:

willing to sell one of the sticks seperate? If so pm me a price

I’d also be interested in a stick and the carbon faceplate, if you split it up.

How much is shipping to 91789?

Shipping would be around $40-$50.

hai u sael stik?

Use the sticks as a way to sell your old system!

Sly fox man.

hey, i noticed you’re in cypress, tx! Im in Katy, Tx… i already have 2 xbox 360’s and tons of games, but of course like everyone else, im interested in that Hori EX. PM me if ya wanna sell it, and we will talk pricing! =)

Sorry, man. I really can’t separate the stick at the moment.

why not? Might get more money that way. Just curious

I would’ve been willing to buy both sticks for 200…dang it… goes back to look for sticks

Bump, price reduced by a hundred.

if ur willing to pay $200 for two EX2 sticks u should just buy the whole bundle. Im sure u can sell everything else for at least $300.

Right? I am now accepting trades. I need a PS3 for my brother, so if you have one, then by all means please let me know.

Also, I am considering selling the sticks separate, but I really don’t know how much this shipping is going to be. If I don’t get any offers till Monday, then I will let you guys know.

BTW, I will reduce the price to $400 if anyone is interested.

ah nvm, i just catch that the SC sticks is a EX2 …


ill go 120 or so for both sticks!


Sorry, man. I’m not gonna part with the sticks at the moment.

This isn’t a bad deal at all.

Hopefully someone scoops this one quick.

Sold! Thanks for the interest, everyone.