**SOLD*** Multi-platform Agetec mod (Sanwa + Seimitsu) [NEW PRICE]

All gone

please follow forum rules and post a price

Oh shit I saw this thing before, huge Ikaruga fan here. Beautiful stick, man.

put a price on it before a mod gives you an infraction.

You must post a price, infraction warning.

price, price, price. Want to know the price. :lol:

Thank god there’s no price, or I’d have to buy this too. I’m sick, I need help.

^Yeah I’m tempted to buy this with the money from you :rofl:

Price posted. Sorry mods :slight_smile:

Updated description with more information.

If all 3 converters were wired together without the use of swapping converter boxes $195 would still be waaaaaaaay too much. It’s a used stick so I would price it probably around $120 ($150 if you really wanted to). The fact is that the only 2 consoles that the controller (in its state) would be needed for would be the PS2 and DC. The GC/ Wii converter is not needed now unless someone has GGAC for Wii and not PS2 which would be a no no. My suggestion to you would be get rid of the converter boxes and put the PCBs inside the stick to work together with no unplugging of wires. Also, scrap the GC PCB and put in something more useful like 360. That would give the user 2 more uses for the stick (PC and 360). I would then sell it for around $170.

-Tha Hindu

Thanks for the advice. Very helpful, I was looking for something like this but didn’t see any other sticks like this for sale. I’ll update the price.
I should say that although the stick has been used, it was not used very much. I spent a lot more time building it than I did using it.
I’ll bump the price down to $150 shipped, I think that’s more than fair.

That’s very tempting now. Do you ship to Canada?

I’ll look into the shipping costs. It shouldn’t be a problem.

PM sent.