SOLD Nintendo wii 4 custom stick (or other)

I have a nintendo wii thats in great condition, I have smash bros. links xbow training and maybe 1 or 2 others. there are a few Virtual console games on the system. it has 2 controllers both with nunchuks, and one VC controller. Basically i have a passion for arcade sticks. I am selling the wii because i just don’t play it as most of my time is on the pc playing melty blood or on my 360.

i have a couple extras i need to look into.

ideally trade for a custom stick. but i am open to other offers.


here are the pics:

i forgot i had some GC controllers i can package in with it too. 4 player ssbb yee!

and heres my approval :smiley:

i’ll take it for 200 plus shipping

You would really sell a Wii for less than retail price? With all the extras?

Yeah, wow good deal.

Yeah, I guess I’m jump on it too. >_> I’ll take it if yooooon miraculously falls through.

he is going to change price

And he should. I’d feel bad if he got ripped off. XD Anyone can check the current going market price of any Wii on eBay.

I believe he would be shipping from Canada. So that could help you estimate the shipping price.

what kind of stick? I’ve got a couple ps2 ones i’m trying to sell i wouldn’t mind trading for a wii.

yea sorry about the mistake

well i kinda want something thats wired to a 360 pcb ideally.

i am going to pass–still a good deal

someone else hop on it gogogogoog

Much better…more realistic.

You should keep the wii and just save up for one of the new HORIs. You’ll miss Smash Bros

i am currently taking one of those horis apart and wiring it to ps2. a 360 pcb is a bit more useful for me since i can use it on pc and on the 360.

PM sent.

I actually meant the HRAP EX. Not sure when its released though.

oh the 360 one? i dunno i really appreciate the work that is put into the customs. they all look soo nice :open_mouth:

i will also be posting some pictures soon for all those sceptics. just waiting to get a camera in my hands.

pictures added. forgot i had wii sports and some GC controllers. I can throw the GC controllers in for free but will affect shipping costs.

PM sent

Sold to byrdo for a custom :smiley: