Sold: Norris Cocobolo custom PS3/PS2 stick


Been used lightly for the most part. It’s nice and heavy for its size, as others with Cocobolo sticks can attest to I’m sure. Inside are Cthulhu and Sony Digital PCBs, Sanwa buttons and JLF with black meshball. Will also include Seimitsu buttons that used to be on there before I swapped in the Sanwas a month ago or so.
Looking for $170 shipped or best offer. Not looking for any trades. PM if you have any questions or an offer.

The pictures don’t really capture how the stick looks in person. It’s darker and more beautiful. Some older photos here: Joystick Vault / Norris Cocobolo case, Seimitsu joystick/buttons, PSX/360


very very VERY beautiful. Wish i could buy a blank like this!




I had a feeling you’d love that one Ben! I know you have a deep love for those Norris sticks.


Yes. I love Norris sticks. :smiley:






Subscribing. I’m interested, but bills > me at this moment… if it doesn’t get sold, I might buy it.








still for sale




Have you thought about seeing a doctor for all those bumps? :razzy:


7 bumps & not even a single price drop? :eek:



I offered $200 if it’s not sold by next Wednesday.


bump/price drop




bump/price drop


bump. might be interested in a trade, so pm me if you have something (not sticks)