SOLD: Omni Sanwa edition with detachtable cable (Toronto)


I am in need of cash and so I am selling my old Omni stick.

This is a first gen Omni stick. I have added feet to the bottom of the stick to stabilize it on a table and a detachable cable. As an affect of adding the detachable USB, turbo function is disable.
Sanwa button have silencers in them to help curb the noisey metal case and they work very well to that effect. Stick will come with either battop or balltop (or both if you want).

Asking $160. Available for pick up in Toronto. I can ship it, but since I am in Canada, it will cost $20-$30 extra.


  • Plexi has been removed due to warping and damage over time.
  • Detachable jack is mount using a thin layer of tar. It is very strong.
  • One screw hole at the bottom of the stick is threaded out. It has not affect on the case seal.


What system? Price?


Whoops, missed the most important part. Asking $160.

Omni sticks are dual modded.


Oops, didn’t see the SOLD. Sorry