Sold out delete please

Barry burton Sam Edge- SOLD to Yon702

PM if interested


fair enough guys. gotten a lot of interest. stay tuned to the thread and i will try to update with pics before the end of the weekend.

Man def be interested in the comic con

Bump and we are off to the races. PLease PM me with any offers or questions

both sticks are native to ps3 but dual modded to be playable on xbox 360 as well


A bonus gift to whomever purchases the VSHG

Do you happen to know how hard it is to rewire the VSHG for R1 and R2? I’d like to buy it if you can put R1 in L1’s spot, and R2 in R1’s spot (so it matches the TE styled sticks).

its something you can definitely rewire and its only an issue on ps3 because the xbox pcb is wired to be standard TE layout. I personally cannot do this but it shouldnt be so difficult if you wanted to do so.

thats a hell of a lot of work for something you can change in button config in like…2 seconds tho

free shipping now

both sticks were modded by srk’s own gummowned


I don’t know about the TE but are the buttons sanwa?

…yes man that goes without saying

both sticks still up for grabs

which is kind of surprising considering how rare they are and the fact that theyre dual modded…

is the cc boxed?

both sticks still up for grabs im accepting PMs of interest

serious buyers only please ive gotten a lot of timewasters so far

im giving the comic con TE one more week of SRK exclusivity before it goes on ebay

this is a good deal guys…a pretty much brand new stick with fresh parts and special balltop and custom dust cover…AND ITS DUAL MODDED…

Buy this mans comic con stick. These are extremely hard to find and for it to be dual modded for only $200?!! This is a steal

does the comic con stick come boxed?

[quote=“anzhar, post:18, topic:160331”]

does the comic con stick come boxed?[/quote

i can let you know tomorrow sit tight

bump buy this gun become a true member of stars