Sold Out


my first FS thread on SRK so bare with me :confused:

Hori Real Arcade Pro 1 Amazon Version for PS2 bought from $90 sold to Capn Spanky
-this is the Re-Release of the HRAP1
-New in Box, never opened

Custom Made Happ Stick (made by koi on SRK) $30 sold to Demoninja
-first stick i bought and used before i bought a HRAP2
-uses Red HAPP Competiton Stick and Competition Convex Buttons
-Start and Select are on the side near the bottom
-Custom Artwork on it

T5 US Hori $40 on hold for Sasuke182
-Still in Box, never opened

Agetec Stick modded for PS2 $30 sold to Sasuke182
-uses Seimitsu LS-32 With Clear Bubbletop and White Seimitsu (PS-14-P) Pearl Buttons
-Start and Select are on the side near the top

XBOX 360 Hori Fighting Stick EX2 $25 sold to SmoZzLeR
-these are first ones that were released like the SF4 and SC4 but with no artwork just plain artwork
-used this Joystick until i bought a TE Stick

6 Sanwa OBSF-30 $10 sold to Ayochap
these are from my HRAP2, i replaced them with Pink Seimitsu’s

pics are up

Hori Command Stick (Programmable Stick) $30 sold to Kyle
-i don’t know how to program this stick/use it
-i bought this from Yahoo! Japan Auctions


Do the prices include shipping?
if so dibs on agetec


I want the Agetec after pics and maybe the HRAP. Doh, beaten.


Can I see the happ stick?


Yeah, post pictures. These prices are awesome.


Really good prices.

I would buy ALL that you have.
But no pictures, so I can’t say anything. :sad:


ill take that Agetec Stick if they dont pm me




pics coming up


Dibs on the T5 and the Happ stick if the other guy falls through.


also added one more joystick and Sanwa buttons


You should sell you wares in the order of which people replied/PM’d you. That’s the way the Trading Outlet works. You’re actually not allowed to do an auction-style sale.

Like Sasuke182 said, are these prices shipped?

Edit: Thanks for pictures.


yes they do

alright i see how it works

EDIT2: Behemoth88 passes on the Happ sold to Demoninja


Umm… HRAP pics aren’t of SA? IIRC, the SA had Blue Buttons and Blue Balltop. I know you said yours is New In box, but did you just throw up pics of a different HRAP2?


Okay, this is kinda crazy but my cousin just asked if I wanted an SE so I don’t actually need the T5 anymore. I’ll still take the Happ though.

He’s selling a regular HRAP SA, not a HRAP2 SA.


oh crap you’re right

but this is the first HRAP release it’s the Version (Orange)


ill take the hori ex


Ok cool. I got a little confused when I saw how you labeled it and then when I saw the pic. It’s all good.


i had tried to pm you for the ex but it was full so i posted


on hold for Sasuke182 if he doesn’t follow through you’re next :cool: