SOLD: Pelican Ps2 Converter

This is the ps2 to usb that is not being manufactured anymore. Asking $60 shipped OBO. These are going for about $80 on ebay. :shake:

I’m open for trades as well.


bump, no interests or offers?

I just bought one on Ebay for $56, which is way too much, from what I have been reading. But I am happy I got it for that, instead of $80-100.

Someone just sold one in another thread here the other day for $30.

Not discriminating, just may be why no bites.

I really want one, but 60 is a bit too steep for me. I fully understand why you’ve priced it like that though.

Too much i would say, if you go to $35 maybe $40 i will buy it, but not $60, like i said, too much.

umm…I’ll try lowering the price in the next few days or take to ebay as well if there isn’t anyone who wants to get it. I’m open for trades as well.

Bump, Right now there are 4 guys in line for this with the first guy offering the asking price. If he doesn’t answer by thursday the next guy in line gets it and so forth. THANKS, for your interests.


Thanks, will get this shipped tomorrow first thing. :bgrin: