*Sold* PGM mobo, DoDonPachi II, Martial Masters

I’m just throwing this out there just incase someone has one of the two things i’m wanting.

I have no problem just keeping what I already have, i’d just want one of these other things more.

So… What I have here is a PGM mobo w/ DoDonPachi II, a Martial Masters Cart & their respected shockboxes and inserts.


I’m either wanting a Naomi Setup with either: Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Capcom Vs. SNK, or Giga Wing 2


a fully working Killer Instinct 1 pcb w/kick harness. boot rom 1.5 is OK now.

I’d actually prefer a new harddrive over a “ultra killer instinct harddrive”

if you’re at all interest just PM me!

Weren’t you looking for that PGM mobo just a few weeks ago? You go through those arcade setups fast.

Indeed. I think I have a problem. :looney:


Updated the “wants” a little bit.