SOLD PLEASE CLOSE Fully loaded KRAYLIX/VEWLIX arcade cabinet


upfor sale is my kraylix viewlix style arcade cabinet with an auto shop paint job, it has sanwa stick and buttons,a real metal vewlix arcade panel, a lagless panasonic x1 monitor 32 in.,car speakers ,lights for movelist, with ps3/360/pc 1500$


added cab to ebay . free divekick t shirt to however buys this cab


Wow very nice


what type monitor is that one? Model Number and all. I’m planning on getting a Kraylix 2 player version with spot for a 32in monitor, looking for a good one no lag.


its the Panasonic TC-L32X1 - 8-9ms input lag 32" 720p listed here hpttp://


Dude this is such a steal painted and everything with the monitor and speakers he is pretty much taking a loss at this price. If I had 2 grand it would be yours. Bump.


bump for price drop 1700$ now


price dropped to 1600$


beautiful cab good sir, gl with sale


all pms answered

Panasonic TC-L32X1 32" 720p


all pms answered. I recommend using VANLINE shipping,call them for a quote. my zipcode is 61614 and my house is accessible by their trucks


Final price drop.$1500 cash or money order.




Please make me an offer people,I still need to sell this one.


Try craigslist as well man.


sold please close.thanks