Sold Please Close (Reopened)


I have for sale a modded Nubytech arcade stick with 6 Black IL competition push buttons and a black eurostick. This thing is all wired up, but there’s No PCB. I had an Mc Cthulhu in it, but it bit the dust when i lent it to a friend. Buttons and Stick work fine. Start select and 4p and 4p are stock nubytech buttons. Art is custom “Amory Wars” themed (Coheed and Cambria) Pics to come. Asking 30 Shipped Also willing to trade for chimp or PS3/MC Cthulhu.

WTS: (closed)

I’d love to buy this after I see the pics.

Am I the first to ask?


Update - Added Photos

@bkfst: Yeah, you are


Bottom panel is good shape?
I have an anniversary stick with no bottom panel. Pain in the ass.


Yeah, it’s intact, I’ll put up a pic as soon as I locate the little door for the cord.


That said, don’t even worry about it. Just PM me your Paypal.


Well, I just found the door, it’s all complete and intact. I can ship it out tomorrow bright and early. Also, there is no PCB in this stick, which I said above. I’m just making sure that everything is understood so I don’t have a bad sale.


Nah, that’s fine.
I’m going to put a PS1 dualshock in it. I need something for that CvS2!

I’m just making sure it’s $30


Sold. Please close


Fastest sale ever.




Hey man,

I’ve been trying to email you. You told me that I should have it either last Friday or Saturday.
Well, it’s Thursday, almost a week later and I haven’t heard from you since Monday when I contacted you.

What’s up?

If I don’t hear back by tomorrow, which will be two weeks since the purchase, I’m leaving you negative feedback.


See the above post.


Well, 2.5 weeks now.
Thanks for scamming me, bro. <3


Damn, and for 30 bucks, what the fuck is wrong with people now a days. Sucks this happened Bkfst.


It’s that 2012 economy.

If anybody sees this dude at a tournament, get me my money back? You can have half.