Sold Please close! thanks again SRK!


selling a New custom stick, i played on it for literally 5mins about (2 matches)
all parts are brand new! which include:

Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK w/ blue balltop
x6 Sanwa Blue OBSN-30
x3 Seimitsu White PS-14-DN
pad hack and wiring was done by myself.

oh and the button lay out is:

X,Y, Rb
A,B, Lb

looking to get $130 shipped in the US

if you have any questions please feel free to ask! thanks! :tup:


Looks good stuff.
Price is cool.

Just making this Post to tell you that the Nuts on your Sanwa OBSN-30 are on upside-down.


lol thanks i know i did that on purpose cuz the bolts are a tad bit long



lol cute stick, pretty good price, someone should pick this up fast…


thanks! and i sure hope so!


Oh shit, this is tempting. Questions:

  • Did you craft it yourself? The whole box I mean, I know you said you did the wiring/hacking.

  • Microsoft PCB or Madcatz?

  • If I bought it, would you and could you do extra work on it for a little more cash? Like change the artwork, and add two more Seimitsu’s on the side for LB/LT buttons? Honestly I’ve always been a six button stick guy, but playing on the TE for so long now, I like having access to the last two buttons for menus, etc.

I guess if you said yes to the last one, you can basically hold it for me! :grin:

That shade of blue is fucking ballin’! :tup:

P.S. The top plexi is only being held down by the buttons and stick, right? I had a custom stick like that, and the thing that irked me was that the corners rised a bit. Dust would get under, the look bothered me, etc. It was fixed with four small screws in each corner, lol.

Thanks in advance!


sorry i didnt make the case, but if i had the tools i would be able to add the buttons but sadly i dont :frowning:
oh and the pcb is a madcatz. but if you wanted i could still change the art for you still!

oh and the button lay out is:

X,Y, Rb
A,B, Lb


Ah okay :frowning: Blast, really would like to have those two extra buttons. Decisions…

Well, I would hate to have you hold it for me and then I change my mind, so don’t put it on hold. I’ll let you know if I decide to take it—assuming it’s still available when I decide.

Thanks for the fast reply!!!


yup no problem thank you for showing interest! :tup:


bump for price drop, i really need this stick sold!