**SOLD** Please close thread


Hey SRK, what’s up? As you can see by the title, I’m here to sell my Sanwa FLASH 1 optical joystick. I really would have loved to have done something with it, but as it stands, it’s just been sitting on my shelf doing pretty much nothing this whole time. I figure someone here can do much cooler things with it than I could anytime soon, so have at it folks!

** NOTE: This is NOT a full joystick. It’s just the PCB and all the extra goodies minus the FLASH 1 sticker (sorry guys, I never got one when I bought it) **


Comes with:

  • HS-ASSY FLASH 1 PCB (fits inside any standard Sanwa JLF joystick assembly)
  • Sanwa FLASH 1 yellow dust washer
  • FLASH 1 5V 3-pin wiring harness (still has a LOT of length left on it for cutting)
  • Sanwa JLF 5-pin wiring harness
  • Original Sanwa FLASH 1 heavy spring; this thing is a lot more robust than the standard JLF spring and adds the much needed tension to make the FLASH 1 snap back to center quickly
  • 3M brand voltage connection splitter
  • Original printed instruction sheet for arcade operators installing this joystick into their machines


** EDIT: Almost forgot that yes, I do have the original dustwasher as well. :lol: **


Does it also come with the Flash1 dustwasher? Do you have any pics? Good luck with sale! :china:
http://shoryuken.com/f177/who-interesting-about-sanwa-flash-149069/ :lol:


Oh shoot! I did forget to mention that. Yes, yes it does have the original dustwasher. I’ll add that to the first post right now. I can’t take pictures at the moment, but if you’re willing to wait a day or so, I can get them up.

And damn, I haven’t read a post by opips2 in forever! That guy’s legendary status in my book. I sorta wish I was here on SRK around when he was. :sad:


I’m still sad i don’t have the dust washer :frowning:


UPDATE: I have added pictures for anyone who wanted to see them. Nothing really different, just as I described it at first.


To let you know links save pics been removed or deleted


Whoops, thanks for the heads-up ibeatu. I’ll fix that right now. :tup:


No one interested? :confused:


http://media.funlol.com/content/img/internet-high-five.jpg I had a good laugh in that thread.

Sorry to threadjack OP, GL with sale


Bump for price drop.


Currently on hold.


Damn I would cop this. :confused:


No longer on hold, but not sold yet. Come at me whoever!


I’m surprised this hasn’t sold yet. I thought everyone was dying to have a Flash.

Good luck on your sale, Ikagi.


I might be interested in a local buy, but I’m a little iffy on it not being an actual complete joystick. Do I need a special actuator/shaft for this?

I metro to Vienna every day anyway.


Haha, I would’ve thought so too! But, times are tough after all and money is scarce. It’s understandable that people wouldn’t want to drop this much on a joystick.

It’s not the complete joystick, but you’re not going to need any weird parts to get this thing up and working. As long as you have a Sanwa JLF, you’ll be able to use this thing. All you have to do is pop out the old microswitch PCB, replace it with the FLASH 1 PCB, hook up the 5 volt wiring harness to a source of power on your PCB, hook up the JLF’s 5-pin wiring harness and bam, you’ve got yourself an optical joystick.

You can find more information about optical joysticks here: http://shoryuken.com/f177/optical-joystick-discussion-221737/




Any chance you’d part the dust washer?


Sorry man, I’m not planning to part the set. :sad:


On hold once more.