HRAP 2 with an LS-32 joystick and blue seimitsu PS-14-K snap in buttons. The original bottom plate was rusted and has since been replaced with the bottom plate from a HRAP 3. Currently has a Sanwa LB-30 N-S light blue battop installed but I also have a Seimitsu LB-39 blue bubbletop that I would throw in at no additional cost in case the buyer wants a balltop.
Asking 130 OBO

If it’s this one then you’ve got a deal:

It was a stock HRAP2 that had seimitsu parts added afterwards from FocusAttack

Okay, oh well it was worth checking, good luck with your trade/search sir.

Will post here if I see any good deals.

You’d probably have better luck selling the stick and buying a SFAC after the fact, IMO

Good luck, in any case!


price and location?

That is not an original HRAP SE, the original came with Seimitsu PS14-G’s snap in flat buttons, the one in the picture you posted has PS-14-GN screw-in installed.

Don’t shit post in the trading outlet.

The pictured stick is pretty rare, so you probably haven’t heard of it. INFO

Precisely, the one pictured in that link is the original, although specs there are wrong, it doesn’t come with Seimitsu “GX” buttons (with G1 microswitches same as OBSF-RG’s from Sanwa), those were discontinued many years before the HRAP-SE release, they are just the flatter PS14-G screw ins.

Right. The picture doesn’t match GX buttons anyway. GX are flat top. Basically a G with different mating on the inside for the different switch.

@“Rick Ross” Fuck yourself, low-tier. (And take your own advice.) His initial post was looking to trade his HRAP for a SFAC. Looks like he took my advice.


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