SOLD~Please close thread

Got a slightly used iphone for sale and wanted to know if there’s a market for it. Don’t know about the price so I’ll just stick $215 shipped and take offers.

Can put up pics if requested but it’s just an iphone, screen is in great condition as is the back.

what firmware version is it on right now?


bump, price drop



I’m not too sure about the jailbraking on this since I’ve never done it. I ran a little program that’s supposed to tell you something and here’s the pic of it.

Maybe that’ll mean something to you guys that know about that stuff.

darn… white, i would of gotten it for sure for my gf. she only wants white.

U can just get a white shell. Lol

True. But I don’t know how to take the iPhone apart, nor do I want to. I’d still be interested if you wanna trade for a custom stick.

they have white snap on cases that just cover the back you dont have to open it or get a white rubber case

Like ibeatu stated.

I’m no interested in sticks right now. I actually have a t5 stick that I’m trying to get rid of with no luck so far.

I’m interested, sent PM