**sold please close


**Stick for sale **

****Paypal only
**shipping and pro packing will be handled via ups w/ tracking information
Items will be shipped from Gilbert AZ 85225
International shipping is available via usps (please contact for an accurate quote)

Wired for ps3/pc Sanwa button JLF stick
Garou stick (used) 125.00 shipped




Mmmm… Bloodwood, I would bite, but I’m on the hunt for a dual mod. Good luck Souji


That Adon stick is pimp. The optical just adds to it!


Oh I wish I wasn’t broke, that Adon stick is just awesome :frowning:


Gorgeous work, mate. I’d have that Adon stick in a heartbeat if I wasn’t a pauper. :smiley:

Good luck with the sales.


***Added a new custom to the first post!!

No worries, I’m gonna be reworking that one into a really cool custom :slight_smile: Good luck to you as well on the hunt :tup:

Man I really hope that one goes to a true gamer, the play test was awesome!

Thanks Dintrao!!

Good looking man :wgrin:


Makes me wish I could make payments lol.


Well I like to work with folks so I would be willing to do something in the way of a two part arrangement via paypal as long as things were wrapped in in a reasonable amount of time (2-3 weeks)


6 button layouts are the shit. What do you play on?


Straight six all day :tup:

Also I added a few trade request items to the first post


yo fellas, these sticks are beautiful. I have seen them at Devastation 1st hand. they are worth every penny and will definitely level up your game. Im just looking for that Korean/sanwa hybrid custom to be made once i figure out a design in my head!


man, i would totally buy that adon stick if i didnt have like 8 arcade sticks


sell a couple of those son! Optical FTW


Well if you don’t mind gutting one or two, I am on the lookout for a few things (1st post) and would apply the credit directly towards your stick to cut the cost down :wgrin:

Agreed :rofl:


i already have 2 ascii opticals


Price drop on the first and third stick. Also wanted to add that the artwork on those are for display purposes, upon purchasing either it can be swapped out prior to shipping :tup:


Make some eight button Viewlix layouts! Bump for an awesome builder!


I’ve never seen adon so sexy. Easily puts TE’s to shame. Damn being broke sucks.


Price drop on the Optical Adon Stick! 325 Shipped


Forgot to mention all three sticks have a 2 button st/sl, the guide menu can be brought up by pressing both simultaneously