Sold please close


i got 2 extra ipad 2 1 in white and 1 in black 16gb wifi both brand new with gift reciepts for each, spent 8 hours inline at the apple store cause my girl wanted one and thought id get 2 to sell since there was like 800 people inline after me lol, i spent 530 each with tax i will sell for 625 plus 15 for shipping each shipped via usps priority mail signature confirmation and insured for 500 dollars imma put them on ebay as well just thought id see if there was any interest here as well





That is a sexy piece of technology! Get you that ipad networkingpuppy! lol


still have it?


I have plans with an Ipad. :stuck_out_tongue:
It’ll be a big stepping stone in the arcade scene when I get ahold of it.
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pm’d ya both back yes i still have both


both sold on ebay sorry guys