SOLD! please close


Retrofitted Ascii Optical - SOLD

the wiring harness is soldered onto a TE 5pin harness. added a quick disconnect on the 5v.
almost completely plug and play if you want to put this in your TE stick. would only need to solder the 5v.
comes with a white balltop. Ascii spring installed.

PM me for quickest response. thanks


added ps360 pcb


PMs replied. ps360 sold.


how much use on the sixaxis?


edited first post, one controller sold, one left.

very minimal, i would say no more than 20 hours. i tested the controller throughout the week. battery still holds charge well. all buttons, d-pad, analogs work just fine. was going to keep and use with an axis adapter but ended up going another route.


bump, added ascii optical


I’ll buy the sixaxis, let me know your paypal, thanks


replied. sixaxis pending sale. lowered price on optical.

edit: controller sold


PMs replied. lowered price on optical. $80 shipped!


PMs replied. still available. $75 shipped


all items sold. please close.