SOLD- please close

Its me again trying to clear out stuff at the request of the ball and chain LOL. I have an Hori V3-SA and 8 Seimitsu PS-14KN’s (6 red, 2 Yellow) and Red Ball Seimitsu ball top. I’m only shipping to the continental US. FOr the Hori I’m asking 100 shipped and for the Buttons I’m asking 22 shipped for all 8 but will take 16 shipped if someone just wants the red ones, I also have 6 Sanwa black rimmed blue plungers asking for 12 shipped (also 4 shipped for the balltop)…hit me up yo.
IMAG0052 by slaycruz13, on Flickr
IMAG0071 by slaycruz13, on Flickr

:nono: no stick for chuu…

Dude, didn’t you just get this few weeks ago?!? Bump for a legit buyer/seller!

I did and I dig the stick just got other things in my sights… I mean I got a custom from Souji, the omni incoming and some Korean sticks…so I can straighten out some stuff then get back to collecting …after all ya cant make an omelette without cracking a few eggs LOL

LOL! I’ve had a Qanba Q3 EMP since Monday & I still haven’t used it yet. Will do so tonight after right after dinner. GLWS!

Can someone help a guy out…surely someone is looking for a stick on PS3 LOL…

Bump…price drop on the Hori V3SA…100.00 shipped from 110…

I’ll buy it, can you hold it till next friday? Paying rent this friday, lmk.

dude, you are crazy about that omni, aren’t you? Do you lose money selling all these TEs and hori?

that omni is too nice to miss though.

I may lose 10-20 bucks here and there(mainly due to shipping) but for the most part no…I usually break even.

Update-All items on hold pending deal with pillarofheaven…

how used is the stick? Any damage, scratches etc?

@KYJD…I got it brand new in a box from another mbr a while back, I only have bout 5-6 hours play time on it…currently its being held pending deal with PillarofHeaven…but I’m holding it til tues…to allow him time to obtain cash for it…


OK, lemme know if it falls through.

I’ll be in 3rd place to get this if both people fall through, lol. Been looking for a good Tournament standard type of stick. PM’d.

well there is another mbr who is sellign a V3 SA as well the sticker below the X button has a dime sized scratch on it but he’s selling it for $90.00

Interested in the Blue buttons. But I don’t get paid until Sept 15 :frowning:

@xSquatx…sorry bro all items were sold to PillarofHeaven. Mods feel free to close this.

You can change the thread title to reflect the fact that it is SOLD.