Sold please close!

Hello all I have a few things I’m trying to sell all will be local pick up please 909/626 area

Madcatz Chun Li fightstick (360) SOLD!

Also for sale: Update!
Asus VH233H 23in Monitor $100 used
Modern Warfare 3 (Xbox) $25 used
Skyrim (Xbox) $25 used

ALL ITEMS LIGHTLY USED AND WORKING CONDITION =D (sorry I didn’t clean them before the picture was taken)

Please pm me any questions if you have thanks all!

Pmed for Chun Stick

does the monitor have an hdmi port?

it says 2 HDMI on the bottom left , good price

pm sent for monitor.

Pm sent for omni

Pm’ed about the chun stick

Hi everyone, pm received and pm sent thanks for looking!

No shipping,right?

For now I’m looking for local pick up, if nothing comes up I will ship!

Items still for sale, i’m going to give it a few more days!

A few more days until you’re willing to ship? My offer still stands.

If you’re willing to ship I’m interested in Skyrim.


All items pending for now.

Locally pick up pending or shipping pending?

Onmi stick - Sold
Samsung monitor - Sold

everything else still available!


didn’t get any pm from you chouji.

Is the Chun-li fightstick still available?