Sold, Please Close.

Hello all. I have a Qanba Q4 RAF arcade stick for sale. I have had the stick for about 7 months and it has seen about 50 hours of game play. It has a light blue mesh sanwa balltop, custom mirror dust-washer made to fit without shaft cover, and 8 black rim/ light blue plunger 30 mm snap in sanwa buttons. I also changed the 24mm start button to a sanwa light blue screw in. The stick comes in it’s original box, with two button plugs and two headsets.

During my ownership of this stick, I have replaced the PCB and lost one of the screws that goes on the bottom ( there are 7 others holding it on though so no worries!). The original PCB was starting to have issues with the RB and RT button, so I was shipped a brand new PCB from Qanba, and records of this can be found on the Qanba thread on SRK. When I got the new PCB, I also received a new style headset Qanba is trying out that is more similar to the normal 360 headset. So i will be including both the old iphone style headset and the new 360 style headset.

Pictures will be sent upon request via e-mail, so please PM for pics and I will send them from my phone. I am looking to sell this stick for $150 plus shipping. I will only be shipping to the US. And payment will be through paypal. Thanks for your time and if you have any interest please PM me for pics!

email me pic plz…

Pic sent.

Here is a pic of the stick, before I put the mirror dustwasher on it, before I had just a clear one on there.

Good luck with the sell :slight_smile: Vouched

Thanks BBB! I hope it sells quickly! It’s a great stick that works on both major consoles and PC, has all Sanwa parts, And has been taken care of since the day I got it. I would like to mention I purchased this stick from and did not but it 2nd hand. When not in use, this stick was picked up in it’s original box. It has a handle on the top, and a felt bottom. Great weight to this stick, perfect for playing in the lap.

One last thing, the picture also shows the stick with 6 buttons and two plugs, but i do have the other two matching buttons that go in the last two spots. I just prefer 6-button. All 8 buttons and both plugs are included. I also have an extra balltop to include, a normal light blue sanwa top, but it currently has a light blue sanwa mesh balltop.

I’m interested, could you send pictures through?

There is a picture of it on this thread now.

I would also like to say that I am not taking offers. The price is $150 firm plus shipping (which should be around $20). I will not take anything less at this time.

Sigh. If you could make it an even 150 with shipping I’d do it. Let me know if you decide to change your mind.

Do you take gamestop credit + cash? lol

Depends how much gamestop credit and cash we’re talking about, it would have to be more than what i’m asking for.

Still available.

OP, check your Facebook.

still available!!

Seriously thinking about it. I get paid tomorrow and I’ll get back to you then.

PM when you are ready!

I’m pretty sure I’ll buy it tomorrow. Can you hold onto it for me until I make my final decision?

Yup, just PM me if you want it.