Sold Please Close


Whats wrong with the screws exactly?

Can you specify where the missing screws are on the gate of the stick. I’m not sure what you meant.

I assumed they were missing, too, but it looks like they might be stripped. The top right does, at least. Then again, it’s hard to tell b/c of the flash.

Ah crumb. I want this thing. Kitty in it and all.

@Jae The One, if you mention the Kitty board and price in your thread title, it’ll be sold immediately.

opps my bad guys. two screws are a bit stripped from the previous owner.

$350 shipped?

Haha don’t we all wish!

did this ever sell?

not yet

new price

getting closer.

I might buy it. I will let you know by tomorrow.Don’t hold it for me tho since I ain’t 100% sure.Thanks.


You’re referring to the screws that secure the metal plate to the mounting bracket, or the screws on the actual sanwa joystick itself? Eithr way, easily fixed by just replacing the screws correct?


btw please stop asking me for trades. I’m only accepting money.

If this is still for sale, I am interested.

sold a while ago