SOLD please close


The stick has been dual modded with the TE Kitty board, so it’ll be compatible with both the 360 and PS3. It also has a custom plexi glass (full) from Art’s Hobbies w/ bikini Juri art. If you’re particularly not fond of the art, you can always swap it out easily.

Below are pictures from the modding process and the finished product.

It all started out as a Blazblue TE.

Installing the TE Kitty.

Changed the button layout to a more traditional one and added the plexi glass/art then… voila!

I’m asking for $200 flat. If you want it shipped, you’ll have to pay for it on your own. I live in the Bay Area, so if you’re interested and happen to live in the same area, we’ll set up a meeting place.

Other than that, the stick is in very good condition. I’ve had no problems with it ever since I modded it.


Do you have the original BB art and Bezel?


Threw those away, sorry.


My thought’s exactly.
A dual modded BB stock stick could be worth more.


heartbroken… rip blazblu
gluck with sale though.


Thanks, though I regret throwing the bezel and art away now. I didn’t know it would be highly sought of today. lol


You could have added an extra 30-50 dollars to your price. And that would be more than fair.


I don’t really mean to add to the pile of people beating on you for doing that, but why would you throw it away? Just put it somewhere, jeez. Especially if it’s a Madcatz LE stick. Those are almost always really valuable.


Due to an unfortunate turn of events, I just need the money right now. The stick being a LE item is the least of my concerns right now.


Sold, please close