SOLD please close


Us only PayPal only

Hori RAP Kai 90$ + shipping or 80$ cash at ufgt

Still 150$ on Amazon and 140$ on hori’s official Site
Really need to know if someone wants this by 2 or 3 today lmk


pics? might be interested in that v.s.


uploading now gimme like 5 mins


havent used BB in awhile OP updated


Pics not workin. What system is it for?


op updated sfxt is xbox, hori kai is xbox, FS mini is ps 3


do you have the extra buttons for the V.S.?


Yes I have the extra sanwas


U in the Bay Area? I’m in the same area as MarquezSF. Down to grab vs from you!


Nah I live in Cleveland ohio


V.S on hold for iAmDjFlip!


let me know if they back out, I’m interested as well


Okay I’ll let you know by tomorrow night


payment sent :smiley:


Payment received! Thanks! V.S is gone


Feel free to make me an offer on the Hrap no lowballing please


I am interested in the MAS, can I get some better pics of it? do you have a bottom for it? is the joystick functional? (since the one pic shows no lever attached)


I do not have the bottom for the MAS I do have the joystick assembly though I’ll put it together and take a pic in a bit


updated OP with new pics of MAS


Added ps vita and accessories