(Bust a Groove 1 & 2 Imports) [SOLD]

$30 Shipped Xtokki Adapter with PS2/PS1 Controller.

Bump Price Drop, Pics Added

Great price for Xtokki with or without the controller. Good luck on that!

Hi i am interested in this, i would like to know if you have a picture of that PS2 controller as well for the converter. i was referred by tim static of TYM forums.

I’ll post pics of it when i get home tonight. 6pm Est.

Pic of PS2 Controller Added

Price Bump No Injustice or Mk Fans want to buy this Xtokki Adapter? 26 Shipped

Somebody better pick up that Xtokki before I do. 9 times out of 10 you won’t find a better price than that.

Go ahead and take it Smoke they taking too long :slight_smile: paypal :slight_smile:

$30 Shipped Xtokki Adapter with PS2/PS1 Controller. I have several but wont bother posting if nobodys interested so let me know guys.

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man for 30$ thats a steal,ill take it if nobody else is gonna get it?

So you have more than one pad and converter?

What do you mean? I have multiple pads for you to choose from. Like i said i didnt want to go uploading pics and the sales is just dad as it has been. I want a serious buyer trying to get rid of this thing. Let me know.


F*CKTHESCENE Pm’d you back.

More Pics of Ps2 - Ps1 controllers added. To help with (faster) Decisions :slight_smile: HurryupandBuy!!!

Messaged a guy who might want one. I’ll get back to you if he decides to get it.

Thanks man

replied pm

Sold Thanks!!!