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Had this sitting in my closet for years how much can I sell this for I’ve used it a few times in the past but prefer jap sticks
The stick is a comp stick

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Thanks for the shout out @sasquach !



Hey @VCFan1001 MAS Arcade Sticks in fair cosmetic condition, that are 100% working, and have an iL or Happ Competition joysticks are worth around $100~$125 these days.

Anything over that is probably due to an eBay bidding war, nostalgia tax, or because of urgent need (a.k.a. an imminent whens mahvel)

The obvious things that add value to a stick are…
An extraordinarily good condition example; Perfect360 joysticks and/or buttons; six vs. eight button layouts (my opinion but the market seems to bear this out); the four button Neo Geo & the five button MK layouts are also getting especially rare these days; the additional small digital/analog button; rarer old PCBs (e.g. Gamecube, Saturn, *Jamma/NeoGeo, 3DO, Jaguar, SNES, etc.); tastefully installed modern PCBs (e.g. XB1\PS4 padhacks, MC Cthulhu, PS360+, Brook UFB, etc.)

And the following don’t add value (again my opinion)…
Plexiglass; Custom Art; LED mods; modding of the MAS case to add more buttons (e.g. converting a stock 6 to an 8 by drilling more holes :cry:); modding of the MAS case to accept Japanese joysticks and/or buttons :cry: :cry:

From the picture you sent, your stick looks to be in great shape, and as a plus it’s a six button model. I’d estimate that it’s worth around $120 ~ $145

If you decide to let it go, shoot me a PM, I’m always in the market for more MAS sticks =)

*It was just easier to describe this flavor of MAS sticks in the PCB group, I am aware that these are direct connections, and not PCBs.

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please give ol Feargus0000000000001010101010110100000000001010101 a sweet deal, he is a great guy and will be a great asset in the fight for sick shit =)


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Feargus is on point with this assessment. It’s like we are on Pawn Stars lol.


Looking at the case and color scheme of the buttons it looks like the ArcadeShock sold MAS sticks from just a few years back.


Yeah I got it from arcade shock some years back prob around 2011-2012


Sold… Close thread pls