*SOLD* Please close


oh man I think I remember seeing this one a couple months back. I just got myself one shortly after and I just finished modding it myself with official ps1 pcbs and sanwa parts. I’d totally jump on this if I didn’t have mine. I thought this was a great mod when I saw it back then.

Sale is pending with 2 people in line.

can we still get pics posted up?

NOOOOOO WHY AM I BROKE AGAIN?! And I can pick up too!

Yeah I’m sorry I’m still working on that. Just been really busy :mad:

this was my baby, it’s freakin nasty. way more in superb condition than my new astro city. original box, original warranty card, all three instruction cards (it’s all under the glass) in mint condition, even the manual is freakin’ sealed. added bonus sanwa pushbuttons and hole covers and of course ps2 pcb’s. it’s sad to see it go again though. gl with sale

pics to help:



only scratch is on the tag:






now go get your sf4 game on when it comes out on console!

Thanks for the help. Stick has been sold and picked up already. Please close.