SOLD!! Please Close


!!!Sold!!! Please close

If you live within driving distance of Mountain View, Ca you can have it for $200 cash if you pick it up.

Case was a Aluminum DS Case. Not fully aluminum, but a thin layer (<.5mm) of aluminum over some kind of MDF like material. Orange fish design actually matches closer to what the pic shows. Must be the flash on the Lamilable. Also the orange buttons looks red on my PC, but Orange on my Mac, Not sure what is going on…

Madcatz Xbox 360 Arcade Gamestick PCB
Sanwa JLF
6x Sanwa OSBN 30 Buttons Orange
4x Sanwa OSBN 24 Button Orange
1x Seimitsu PS-14-GN for the guide button (red)
Headphone Jack that will work with the newer style headphone jacks. Not compatible with older flush to controller style jack.
Lamilabel art affixed to top.


Not bad looking!! Good stuff


very artistic


So everyone knows you can buy a small headphone extension cable to use an old style mic on stuff like this.

*Edit - similar to what the SE comes with.

Awesome looking stick. Love the artwork.


Dam i wish i had the money i only got 200 :frowning:


I’m in Canada but I would love to pick this up - would you mind shipping to canada?


Hey, are you very strict on your paypal rule? Or would you take money orders?


Sorry I can’t accept money orders. If i did i would have to wait 2 months for it to fully clear. I’ve had to deal with cutomers who have had washed checks when I used to work at a bank.


Well seeing how you’ve set to sell this fine stick (sadly) I wanted to know if you might be interested in just selling the shell at all? I love the design and case, but I don’t need the buttons, stick, or pcb at all. If you still don’t get any buyers tell me if you’re interested.


Not interested in the stick but what about Post Office Money Order? You get to cash it at the post office…Just a suggestion…


When I was working at a bank a few years back, there was a video we saw where people where buying cheap $3 Money orders and cashiers checks, and then dipped the official check in solutions to dissolve the ink used to type the amount on the check, and then put it in a word processor. That way the routing number, watermarks, and all that matched up, they deposit fine.

It isn’t until the check gets back to the bank and matched up with the serial numbers listing the amounts 2 weeks to a month later that the check bounces and the depositor is left with the fees and the lost merchandise. Not sure how the post office system is set up now that they have new security in place, but since you have to leave a fingerprint I don’t want to deal with what could happen if the check is bad.


Finger print? I sold one of my sticks here, i gave it to the postman he gave me the $205 cash…Nothing else…

Im just putting this out here cuz you dont have to deal with the paypal rape charge…


Thanks for the suggestion. Since I am getting cash from the post office, it should be fine then. Well maybe I’ll try it out then…

Okay Postal Money orders and Paypal only. Will change my first post. I do agree that the Paypal rape charge is a pain in the ass…sets.


Yeah, postal money orders are the shit. Secure, and easy.

You just hand it to them and they hand you cash.


Oh damn it, now you’re taking Money orders. Well, I already confirmed on another stick, so good luck selling your stick.


Yeah I let these folks talk me into it. I see you bought the other see through stick. Yeah kinda kicking myself.


Lol. I’m kicking myself a little too after I saw the price drop.

But even though I don’t have a strong preference, I am a little more of a Happs kind of guy from my days playing Tekken (Oh how I love to juggle ppl).

I just get used to whatever joystick I can get.


Man this stick is still here? This is a sin.

Well if you get desperate I do need another JLF now if you want to just sell just it. Just in case you’re desperate enough. Just figured I need to offer something.

Though I think it’d break my heart to see such a fine stick put to pieces.

EDIT: Though I am getting paid soon, if it’s around I might have to just… Y’know, take it off your hands.


This stick is so cool looking! I honestly didn’t think it would be a briefcase at first, then it opened, and I’m like “Whoa!”

I would, but I don’t have the fundage. Good luck, and if (for some unforseen reason) it’s still here in a week, we’ll talk (next payday :rofl: )


This stick is so dangerous I don’t think you could (literally) get past airport security with it!