SOLD, Please close

I’ll sell for $155 shipped (or best offer)

let me know if you sell and for how much… :smiley:

Can I interest you in a Madcatz TE?=p

If you decide to sell please let me know…

I have a brand new sealed 360 TE if your interested.

A TE would be nice, but it doesn’t seem like a fair trade since they go for $115 now and I just paid $167 shipped for the EX-SE.

Fair… of course not, I was posting more to see if you’d be interested in the TE in the first place then we could talk a fair arrangement. Cue16 posted up first so I’ll give him a chance to reply, I need to make some calls to see if I can unload the stick as I don’t really need it (thus why I have a sealed TE sitting on a shelf) just wanted to help someone out.

I’m not saying that I’m looking to get the full value of the stick back or anything. I’m definitely interested if anyone has offers

added selling price

Hmmm…I only have TEs for the ps3. The price is little more than amazon…But do you have this in your possession or is it a pre-order too?

Aren’t you selling a TE at the moment too??

It shipped 3 days ago from arcadeshock. should have it tomorrow. Also, the TE I sold I had gotten from someone for dirt cheap just to resell. I already have 1 TE for 360 (and that’s my only stick)

keep it use 6 buttons only :slight_smile:

oh i only use 6 buttons. I never use the last 2. still, the slight angle on them is hard to get used to

true i had sold mine cause of that as well just the reg ex with sanwa buttons but i really didnt give it a chance

That’s a rather lovely stock stick. I’m fairly interested in trading my spare 360 TE (sealed) + cash for it. I’m just worried about shipping costs to Las Vegas, NV (and likewise to Chicago). How much of a difference were you looking for exactly? A sealed TE should still come out to about $130ish, including shipping.

Edit: Woah, how much did arcadeshock charge for shipping?

more than I expected