Sold, Please Close

Happy New Year fellow SRKers. As part of my preparing for the new year and new baby, I’ve decided to get rid of some of my larger space-taking items.

I’m departing with my personal favorite stick, Sega’s Virtua Stick High Grade. This one is totally stock and in great condition. Asking $165 + $20 shipping. For an extremely hi-res photo of the stick, go here:

Oooo…I so wish I could take that Sega Virtua Stick High Grade off of your hands. $190.00’s a bit much for my blood at the moment though. :sad:

Regardless, jepjepjep, good luck with your sale. And congratulations on the new baby! :lovin:

Ridiculously good price on the TE.

Kind of interested in the HRAP =) Do you only accept Paypal?

PM Sent

What else do you have in mind? I’d do a check as long as you can wait until it clears before I ship it.

Thanks for the kind words.

P.S. All PMs responded.

TE is gone and T5 is on hold

Just out of curiosity, why did you use Screw-ins as opposed to snapins? All those sticks can fit in Snapins with no problem.

I just thought that screw-ins would be a little nicer. They can clamp down on the mounting plate and there is less chance of looseness or rattling.

PM’d about HRAP3

HRAP3 on hold for bthai

HRAP3 sold and price drop on T5.

T5 sold

updated with better pictures of VSHG

If I didn’t have more than 4 sticks…I would’ve picked this up. =/.

good luck on the VSHG.

Price drop on VSHG.

VSHG is on hold.