SOLD: please close.

I bought two pairs of these not too long ago and really like 'em but I don’t need 2 pairs.:sweat: They’re slightly used and new they go for $16 so I’ll leave it at $10 shipped in the US for one pair.

Here’s the info, I think they work on the Ps3 as well from the info.

r they any good like did u see any inprovement?

yea, definitely saw an improvement on my end. Think about a mouse with a higher dpi from a lower one, so every little click is more accurate. However, don’t think it’ll make you a beast if you can’t aim at all already. :lol: It just polishes what you already have and makes aiming easier.

humm lol im real good at shooter i use high sensitivity what u play on on mw2?

they take a little getting used to. with that said, i can’t play without them. they aren’t complicated in design, basically just an extension for the thumbs. that extension is extra leverage though and makes precision shots a lot easier and helps a lot to reduce over-aiming.

8 sensitivity with accuracy at 27% without the freeks.

I haven’t got in my other copy to try them on MW2 but I asked another guy in the COD thread to try them on 10 and he said he had no trouble playing that when he normally ran 5 without the freeks. I’ve tried them on another FPS and did notice that my time it takes to aim has slightly improved. Personal experience varies from person to person but so far everyone that’s gotten them on SRK has really liked them. I was initially trying to buy a used pair from a member and then he turned and said he likes 'em and is going to stick with them.

Oh and on the getting used to them, I think that varies as well. I have some people saying something different than what I had. I got used to them pretty much the second I put them on.

cool if it dont sell soon ill pick um up just to try them on mw2

No problem. Odds are that if you get them you’ll like them.

They help…I wouldn’t play without them. Aiming is more controlled, used them playing halo. You’re right, they wont make you skill lvl 50, but I think they will get you 2 or 3 more kills a game or it seems like to me. I notice a definite increase my BR headshots since I used them.

Free plug and bump for these.

You take paypal only im assuming? Might be interested.

Yea, but we can probably work something out for a different form of payment if you don’t have it.

ill take um pm me ur info

on hold, awaiting payment from ibeatu.

u got $$$