Sold please delete this thread




how much would shipping be to 06516?


I just got a Namco stick in the mail today and damn do I love this little guy. It’s extremely fun to shmup with. Same as ibeatu, what is US shipping?


your blazblue stick is so cool!


thanks bobby

Edit: shipping to us 15 dollars.


I’ll take it, sending PM


How about local pickup since you livein toronto


Wow meus, I must say, at that price, you’re practically GIVING the damn thing away! :wow:

I picked up mine from jeenyus1 for about $90.00, and that was definitely the low end of the normal asking price online! Whoever gets this has my envy and blessings for being a great bargain hunter! :tup:


sigh damn work. i would have bought it for twice that with the box.


Is this still available?


idk told him i take it if it was a lil bit ago


This is good price.
And this is selling with the box too.
Which makes it cooler.

I don’t like how they go for on eBay.


I pm’d but havent got a response, so it might be gone :frowning:


if by any miracle its still available i want it





dam shoulda stood on last night lol


LOL. You didn’t get it? Who did?


I’m wondering the same thing


Na I didn’t I guess I’ll get one another time guess I was too slow:( lol


First of all someone did me first then after was ibeau. Another thing is i never said first come first serve or who pms me or post first will get the stick. I decided to sell to a local seller b/c this is my first time selling here and i wanyed to make things easier for me and the buyer.

Thats all. So please Mod close did thread b/c the item is sold. thanks