Sold! Please Delete WTS Killer Gaming Rig!



What is up people. I am selling my latest super powerful but mini computer gaming build. This will destroy the graphics of any PS4 or Xbone and can run at resolutions up to 4k. See all the details here
I can also throw in a fresh (legit) copy of Windows 10 with purchase. This machine will light up in any color of your choosing.
This thing was professionally built by me and if there is anything I am good at is putting together computer hardware.

$675 shipped in the US for over a $975 in value. Hasn’t even had a chance to get its first layer of dust!

Will ship in the original box that the case came in for secure shipping.


Damn good deal.


do you build PCs like this for sale on the regular ? If so, I might have to hit you up in the upcomming months. GL with the sale, looks amazing.


I’ll be happy to help.