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Clean stock namco stick with box
This will be the last one I am going to sell for a while. everything stock, not perfect but almost perfect, super clean. top has one minor scratch and bottom has a few minor scratches hardly see in the photo. check large res photos if you want to inspect it.comes with the original box. box has some shelf wear. looking for $75 + shipping.

large res photo link:

n[S]amco shell with LS-32-01 $30 shipped to US48 [/S]sold to shortman1243
[S]figured to put this on in case anybody is interested in this. top pannel has been roughly sanded and it has a neutrik hole drilled on the front side. bottom pannel has been thined a bit where the shaft is. the ls-32-01 has been modded and the shaft has some scratches.[/S]
[S]namco shell with broken stock stick[/S] Sold to Kasprfoto
[S]16 used sanwa snapin buttons. 7 of them have solders on the prongs.[/S] Sold to Jubei_Kibagami
[S]6 stock namco stick buttons[/S] sold to Afro Messiah
[S]hori FS[/S][S] VX Sanwa modded[/S] sold to lunch_hotdogs
[S]360 Madcatz TE R1[/S][S].[/S] Sold to Sudeten
[S]3rd gen ipod touch 8gb as is.[/S]sold to coolsteel


price dropped on fs vx and added new items


That VX - octo or square gate?

Also, can I have pics of the insides?


it is sqaure gate, I will take pictures of inside today. it has QDs so change buttons are easy.


Thank you. Looking forward to it.


updated pic of inside. and if you want to check the condition of the bottom plate, here is the link:


One last question: Works on PC, right?


yep. works on pc.


PM me your Paypal.


Does the Round 1 come with the orginal box?


all sticks have original box, so the R1 does have the box.


FS VX and TE R1 sold. only Hrap V3 SA left.



where do u live? im asking cos im from europe, so id like to know the shipping price!

im interested in the hrap v3 sa


sorry, I only ship to US 48 and US military address, too much hassle to ship these internationally. hope you find one near you.


thx anyway!

any european gaming community you know of, like this? id buy a used one from trusted source:)

all i could find was new, and for $220… pricey place to live damn… xD


added new item


updated with new item.


Amazingly, I wish you had the stock PCB on this…


added a stock namco, need to sell one at least and hope to sell both.


price drop on seimitsu modded namco